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Background: www.ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com is the #1 “Business with Heart” radio show in the U.S. broadcast on 161 terrestrial and internet radio stations, interviewing 10,000+ CEOs since 2005.

What is “Real World Leaders” National Non-Profit Radio Show? January 2022 we began inviting underserved high schoolers to cohost our CEO interviews on Zoom, expecting to provide career exposure. However, because our show focuses on helping the public appreciate who these CEOs were 8-14 connected to their success today, we soon learned these students were more interested in identifying common personality traits ages 8-14 which they share with our CEOs … providing these students “confidence!” These students have asked for mentoring-follow-up-programs through “Career Conversations.” Struck by our impact, one of our first CEOs donated the legal to form our non-profit, and the majority of CEOs have donated significant dollars, website design, etc.

What Makes “Career Conversations” Special? Continuing our format of inviting underserved high schoolers to ask the questions they’d like to ask (absolutely no lecturing), and without the time constraints of a recorded radio show – these sessions fit into regular class scheduling (about 55 minutes) and allow students to ask the questions important to them of both CEOs and the CEO’s team on Zoom. The CEO’s team include 2 positive relatable role models per month working in a wide variety of roles, interested in sharing their personal characteristics and what they enjoy about their jobs (may be scheduled on the same or different shows). Therefore, our students gain confidence in which careers they may find both meaningful and financially viable.

CEO & Their Teams – Why Participate? There is no preparation needed because our Host is rather skilled at bringing folks together and helping our high schoolers ask their questions. One hundred percent of underserved high schoolers have told us that these sessions have not been a waste of time, rather they never realized these adults have suffered and overcame a wide variety struggles ages 8-14 including losing a parent, divorce, bullying, etc., and care about youth. CEOs and their employees are thrilled to be interviewed and “giving back,” clearly demonstrating to their internal and external communities their own sense of social responsibility – these sessions create exceptional employee recruitment and retention goodwill and positive external social media.

Schools + Camps – Easy to Benefit! Simply provide 4-50 students during a regular class session at pre-agreed dates and times, and equip the class or each student with a Zoom internet connection, a headset/microphone and a screen for your students to interview with our Host our 2 Guests (either CEOs and/or their teams)!

Students – Your Benefits? 100% of our existing students have told us “this was certainly not a waste of our time, we would like to continue helping you interview!” By asking the questions you want to ask you’ll build your personal confidence in your natural abilities, learn which adults have similar natural abilities and how they find meaning in their lives – to help you see where you may want to go. You’ll develop relationships with folks who want to help you.

Real World Leaders

Early in 2022 we began inviting underserved high schoolers (through their charter schools and community organizations) to cohost www.ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com on zoom, the #1 “Business With Heart” Radio Show in the U.S. (broadcast on 161 terrestrial and internet radio stations … over 10,000 CEOs interviewed regarding their childhoods 8-14 years of age directly connected to their success today). We originally expected that our unique on-air recognition, career exposure and relationships with CEOs would excite these students and their schools.

These underserved high schoolers and their “heroes” (the teachers who organize students into these radio shows) have tuned our format to provide a more potent and effective impact. Our Host currently begins each zoom session working with our student cohosts to learn who our CEOs were 8-14 then directly linking these childhood personality traits and experiences to their success today.

After this practice session at the direction of our Host, we record each interview for airing with our student cohosts asking most of the questions.

However, my favorite chunk of each zoom session is towards the end, when our Host asks each of our underserved high schooler/cohosts “what did you get out of this session,” not “what did you learn” (cause we’re not about lecture, rather giving our student-cohosts the opportunity to ask the questions they’d like to ask).

Then, we’ll ask these underserved high schoolers what they have in common with each of our CEOs 8-14 years of age = come listen, you won’t believe the deep and meaningful confidence this instills in our students cause our students have had the opportunity to ask the questions important to them.

Next, we’ll ask our CEOs what positive personality traits they see in our underserved high schoolers. You should see these students literally sit up and take “it” in. For icing on the cake, we’ll ask these students what they believe they now can achieve. Please come listen, my words can’t express the feelings and coming-together experienced by these worlds which don’t unfortunately meet.


NonProfit Formation: Struck by the realization that this huge and critically important next generation of underserved students have significant talent which deserves a “bridge” into our arts, healthcare, business, technology, government and other communities our CEOs huddled together and formed our charity.

Career Conversations: The vast majority of these students have asked for mentors, so our CEO/Donors have asked their own team members to share their childhood experiences connected to their careers with our students on zoom, however these sessions are not aired minimizing radio’s inherit time-constraints, called “Career Conversations.”

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Students & Parents

Benefit: One hundred percent of our students have told us “this was certainly not a waste of our time, and we would like to continue interviewing your CEOs and their teammates asking…..

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Charter School & Community Organization

Benefit: Generate positive public relations for your organization on the #1 “Business with Heart” Radio Show in the United States – and really help your students meet and develop …..

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Creating the most efficient and cost-effective process to empower students and young adults nationwide to identify their natural talents and personality traits through helping foster relationships with CEO’s and their teams igniting their confidence to be successful in their future careers.