1st year

1. Aired 87 RealWorldLeaders shows with 435 students interviewing 174 CEOs from 20 schools + community organizations in Philadelphia & Washington D.C. 
2. Conducted 27 CareerConversations with 135 students interviewing 54 employees
totaling 144 Sessions with 228 CEOs + Employees interviewed by 570 students 
…100% of our Students have told us “we’ve never have had a conversation like this, we didn’t realize the personality traits we share with your CEOs!”

Students & Parents

Benefit: One hundred percent of our students have told us “this was certainly not a waste of our time, and we would like to continue interviewing your CEOs and their teammates asking the questions we want to ask!” By asking the questions you want to ask you’ll build your personal confidence in your natural abilities.


Charter School & Community Organization

Benefit: Generate positive public relations for your organization on the #1 “Business with Heart” Radio Show in the United States – and really help your students meet and develop relationships with leaders who truly care, who have donated their time and money. During a standard classroom session 4-6 students (may include a background classroom audience) simply need an internet connection, a headset with microphone and a laptop.


CEOs & Teams

Benefit: Clearly demonstrate your social consciousness by “giving-back” allowing our underserved students to get to know you. Our programs will clearly help you generate substantial internal and external positive social media supporting your retention and recruitment efforts.