Herb Cohen, Executive Director

Herb Cohen is the host of ExecutiveLeadersRadio, the #1 “Business With Heart” Radio Show in the Country. Many CEOs co-founded our non-profit RealWorldLeaders, helping underserved high schoolers and college students meet CEOs to get engaged in “earn-and-grow careers.” These careers include significant compensation, benefits, and even college tuition reimbursement!

Heather Quinn, Co-Founder

Nobody in the country has developed more relationships with more CEOs and convinced them to spend time being interviewed on national radio than Heather Quinn and her team. Continuing in the tradition of helping the public appreciate executive leaders, Heather now helps underserved students and C-Suite executives (and their teams) establish deep, ongoing relationships. “It’s been so impactful building this bridge between these two worlds and helping our students identify their gifts.”

Shannon Benefield, Executive Producer

Shannon spent 13 years managing projects for Deloitte before an overseas move forced her to make a career change that landed her in the world of education. “With Real World Leaders, I found the unique opportunity to use my organizational skills and experience working with children to deliver life-changing programs, helping them to see their talents and true potential. Measuring the successes of our organization–both in optimizing our use of donor funds and in determining the impact of our programs on our students, is a project that motivates me.”

Ilyne Deliquina, Executive Producer

Ilyne (“i-lean”) is a 15-year Air Force Veteran and served as a pastor for a Non-Denominational Church. With a heart of service, Ilyne brings her experience and passion to lead, support, and encourage others to realize their God-given gifts and help identify opportunities to connect people in valuable and meaningful ways. “It brings me joy to witness the next generation learn from, and find similarities with industry leaders and get excited for the hope and reality of their successful future.”

Nikki Iadarola, Executive Producer

With fifteen years of experience in Education working with students, families, and the staff who support them, Nikki brings organizational skills and leadership to our programming. “I have always had a heart for serving students and connecting with people. My experience as the Director of a before and after-school program serving more than 1200 students and 100 employees gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and coordinate others on a large scale. It is an honor to share my talents with Real World Leaders and serve students on their journey, wherever it leads them.”

Dawn Tran, Social Media Marketing

With a background in the automotive industry and a passion for seeking a meaningful and fulfilling career, Dawn Tran brings her unique perspective to the Real World Leaders team, where she specializes in Social Media Marketing. Her role involves innovatively expanding our programs and team while bolstering our digital presence to engage with and inspire more young individuals. Dawn is committed to making a positive impact on the next generation of leaders.

Tiffani Jones, Program Director

Tiffani, a dedicated professional, embarked on her journey with a clear goal since her early years: to become a doctor and help people. Despite her diverse career experiences, including roles in education, leadership, and finance, her unwavering passion remains rooted in adding value to people’s lives. Currently serving as Program Director and Associate Producer at Real World Leaders, Tiffani’s innate role as an unofficial life coach complements her love for photography, church singing, and occasional hobbies like reading and crafting. Family-focused wife and mother of three who is never short on curiosity… her #1 hobby might just be Googling things.

Michelle Heckert, Team Lead

For more than 15 years Michelle Heckert has worked in Organizational Development, Training and HR taking on various leadership roles in the restaurant, construction and automotive industries. “Real World Leaders has provided an amazing opportunity for me to serve others while sharing my skills and experience. Watching these young people become inspired and motivated to become their best selves is rewarding beyond comprehension.”

Amanda Petz, Team Lead

Amanda joined the team with 10 years of experience in Sales and Event Management in the hospitality and wedding industry. “I have always had a passion for helping others. Real World Leaders has allowed me to focus my efforts on providing young minds with the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential!”